Wildlife Holidays

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The dramatic wilderness landscapes and abundant waters of Scotland are teeming with wildlife, captivating in its ability to appear out of nowhere, shattering the fragile illusion of solitude.

Hawks, buzzards, majestic golden and white-tailed eagles cut through the silence with the beating of their wings…Red deer gaze over empty moorlands and red squirrels scurry through the trees…vast flocks of gannets turn Ailsa Craig and the Bass Rock a dazzling white…svelte otters dive through the waves to catch their prey, then slip ashore unnoticed, if they can, to savour their snack. If you are observant and know where to look, you may be fortunate enough on a holiday in Scotland to have a chance encounter with any of these magnificent creatures. Those chances increase enormously on a guided trip, in the company of one of our local wildlife experts.

John Muir Trust - Essential Wildness from DX Films on Vimeo.